About us

We’re tackling the single use “Festival Tent” by offering audience’s an affordable, quality rental option.


  1. Festival-goers can pre-order a tent
  2. Pick it up on site at the festival
  3. Pitch anywhere in general campsite
  4. Return
  5. We clean the tents
  6. We rent the tents at the next event


  • Non returned or damaged tents will be charged £35 via direct debit
  • We’re collaborating with Decathalon to provide their 2-man Pop-up
  • Collaboration with Camplight for cleaning/re-use


  • Every summer 250,000 are abandoned
  • Less than 10% are salvaged. Charities don’t want the cheap dome tents.
  • Tents can’t be recycled
  • Incinerated tents emit toxic chemicals and also contribute to global warming